Psychic finds boy’s body

Did the psychic lead the police to the body, or did the police lead the “psychic” to the body? Is this evidence of paranormal ability?

There’s not much information in the story, but it sounds like the psychic had no particular idea of where the “boy under the tree” was — and in her vision it “never really occurred to [her] that he wasn’t alive.”

Basically, it seems she volunteered to search for a body; the police took her to the location that the body would most likely be found (namely, near the boy’s house) and as part of the search party she apparently did find the body.

Yet is sounds much more impressive when you put it this way: “He says Ragland and her children came to the house without knowing it was the boy’s, walked on to the property and right to the partially buried body.”

I take it this is the psychic in question.

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